About“Wagasa” the traditional Japanese Parasol



Currently Japan, Umbrella is not only just a tool to overcome sunshine and prevent the rain , but also to enjoy designs.It is also useful as a gift for important people such as their birthday.

The history of “Wagasa

The history of the umbrella in Japan was originally used as a parasol when it arrived in the year 552 AD, but after that it was added with its own arrangement, and it was used more often as a rain gear called “Wa-Gasa” .


Features ofWa-Gasa

The “Wa-Gasa” is mainly used bamboo to make shafts(tubes),ribs and stretchers, and the cloth is made by oil-proofed Japanese paper.

Unlike the general umbrella, it is also characterized by dozens of stretchers, not to spread the excess rib like a vinyl umbrella with tension, but to support the stretchers and Japanese paper by the force of bamboo It is getting.

With this feature, when folding an umbrella, the part of Japanese paper is automatically folded inward, and it gathers very beautifully.

silhouette of Wagasa

Even in modern times there are opportunities to see in traditional events and places. But because it is more expensive than mass-produced umbrellas,  people are used more as fashion and interior than rain gear.

The beautiful design stands out better by combining with the Wafuku. I am anxious for you having that opportunity.